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TeachMeet NZ meets Kahui Ako - 2017

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I had attended a couple of PD sessions by Brian Annan and Mary Wootton from Infinity Learning Org. about Learning Maps with the purpose of launching awareness of Agency at my school as part of our ACCoS focus. I subsequently led a couple of presentations to our staff to introduce them to Learning Maps and their administration to our students.

Before administering the Learning Maps to all children in may class about learning in general, I decided to trial it with a small group of children on reading because my team was focusing in this area for the school SAM's (Student Achievement Monitoring). That is how the idea for my inquiry started.

Later on, at EduCampAKL 2017 I ran into Sonya Van Schaijik and she asked me if I would like to be part of an online presentation for TeachMeet NZ about my ACCoS inquiry. Initially I was flattered and excited about the idea, but as the day drew closer I thought I started having second thoughts! Especially when I saw the line out of presenters!

Sonya made the process very accessible and smooth.
She provided me with a template and clear tips for my presentation.

We had a couple of video conferencing practices to iron out equipment procedures we needed to use on the day of the presentation, such as: how to enter and display our details on our Google Hangout screen, check if the sound in our laptops was working okay and how to screen share our presentation. We also practiced how to mute our own mic and stop our own camera from casting to avoid interference with the presenter who was having her turn.

Then it mas announced to the world via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and e-mail!

We had a dress rehearsal three days before the event and I had the opportunity to listen to feedback and feed forward about my presentation. I reduced the amount of writing in my slides and I cut down on my oral presentation to fit the allocated time.

The days following the dress rehearsal I worked on my slides furiously and I practice my oral presentation with a timer several times a day.

NOTE: I used the Presenter's Notes option in my Google slides for my practice. Earlier on the day it dawn on me that the notes will be broadcast as well, interfering with my slides... So I had to print my notes and read them from paper.
I am yet to find out how to have the notes on screen without broadcasting them!

The time came!
My mic wasn't working!
I heard Sonya's calm voice saying "Turn off your machine". I hesitated because I knew it would take a long time to start up my laptop. I did it and I was back just in time to introduce myself!

All the presentations were relevant, captivating and extremely informative!
I was excited to have been part of this amazing group of presenters.

The following is my video and presentation:

See all presenters in the following video:

Thanks all presenters and special thanks to Sonya!

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